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States and Societies of Sub - century Ghana became one of...

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States and Societies of Sub-Saharan Africa Bantu speaking people settled in most parts of Africa. Bananas first entered Africa throughout the Indian Ocean, soon they were established ; it allowed expansion into the forested regions where yams and millet didn’t grow well. Growth of bananas increased the production of Africa. History of bananas and iron metallurgy is important for the Saharan part of Africa. Scholars have sometimes used the terms stateless society and this is what Africa is basically, it consists of multiple different tribes. One of the most active areas of political development was the basin of the Congo River. The central government of Kongo has the king and officials who oversaw military, judicial, and fincial affairs. Kin-based societies didn’t go away with the rise of formal states. The addition of camels increased the communication and travel across the desert. Ghana was a principal state of west Africa, it rised as a kingdom at an uncertain date during the fourth
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Unformatted text preview: century. Ghana became one of the most important commercial sites in Africa because of the high demand in GOLD. The main importance of trade with Saharans mali controlled and taxed almost all trade throughout the west part of Africa. The trans Saharan caravan linked west Africa to the trading world of the eastern hemisphere. Swahili is an Arabic term meaning coasters. The Swahili mainly dominated the east African coast trade. They spoke Swahili which is a Bantu language with words and ideas from Arabic. Transformations between cities and villages occurred. In mosques and public buildings there were enhances. Kilwa is one of the busiest city states in the E.African coast they relied mainly on fishing and engaged in a limited amount of trade. Islam and Christianity migrated towarsd Africa. Now Islam has accommodated Africans between the sexes. This is why women were to wear clothing that enclosed most of their skin....
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