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The Prince By: Niccolo Machiavelli 1. Machiavelli wrote The Prince and dedicated it to Lorenzo de Medici because he planned on giving it to another prince but he deceased. Therefore he decided give the prince something he could use for reference to rule the kingdom. This was in quest of making Lorenzo de Medici a deserving prince. 2. Machiavelli thinks that he is fit to offer advice to princes because he has had experiences with different families of hierarchy. The families of which have had negative and positive results as a ruler. Thus Machiavelli would be able to give advice through his careful observations. 3. There are two types of principalities are hereditary and mixed. As Machiavelli describes it in the book he states that hereditary principalities has less troubles because all they really have to do is follow the steps of their ancestors; not much change in the customs are made. As for mixed principalities it is more difficult because they have a set standard to better their country from its past mistakes. 4. The hereditary principality will most likely be loved because there are less dramatic transitions of ways the kingdom is handled. Everything is basic and for the most part kept the same as his ancestors have ruled before. Mixed principalities can gain enemies just by gaining this principality, causing hatred
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The Prince - The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli 1...

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