The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean - T he Medite r ranean 8th C entu ry...

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The Mediterranean 8 th Century B.C.E. -> Before Common Era 8/27/08 Assyrians: - Polytheistic Religion - Led by a Monarch, direct ascendant of Ashtar – Top god - Ashtar – Sky god – King of all gods – said to have created humanity – god of war - Ishtar – warrior goddess - - wife of Ashtar – fertility, crops, humans - Slave & Free individual society - Father had total control over everything like marriage and land - Married people do not have to live together - Husbands have to pay upkeep for wife who lives with her father - You can get a divorce - Husband could get mistresses or “esirth” - Wife can marry again and still retain some legal rights - Passed on legal practices - Breaking a contract = mutilation or death Art : - Lamassu – symbolic animal: head of a human, body of a tiger - Ashurbanipal = Assyrian king and founder of the library of Nineveh 6.69-6.70 century War: Masters of guerilla warfare and conquering cities
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- Tortured and killed prisoners Deportation and Assimilation - They would take people and assimilate them at another town
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The Mediterranean - T he Medite r ranean 8th C entu ry...

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