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WHEN WRITING ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT. ... A BRIEF STYLE GUIDE These are conventions and styles normally used when writing about U.S. government. Please observe them and write accordingly! ! Italicize Supreme Court case names; the date of the decision is given in parentheses – e.g. Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) ! Supreme Court is capitalized, and then you may use “the Court” (second word capitalized) on second and future references ! Members of the Supreme Court are justices, not judges ! People elected to the House of Representatives are representatives or members; people elected to the Senate are senators or members; the first term is preferred in both cases, and while you may use “congressmen” and “congresswomen” these are not preferred ! Congress is capitalized, but congressional is not! ! Capitalize President and Administration only when referring to a specific one ! Capitalize Senator or Representative only when referring to a specific one ! Capitalize Justice only when referring to a specific one
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