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Unformatted text preview: Courts and Judicial Process Writing Assignment Professor Ringsmuth POLS 3983 Final Due Date: November 10, 2011 at the beginning of class Assignment Overview In class we are exploring how the rules and norms governing the Supreme Court influence outcomes. In this paper, you will choose a rule/norm from the list provided below to analyze. In your final paper you must: 1. Select one of the topics below 2. Explain the rule/norm and how it operates on the Court 3. Propose a change to the rule/norm 4. Analyze the expected effects of your proposed change and explain why you believe this would be an improvement 5. Use three outside sources to aid in your analysis of the rule/norm Paper Topics • The private nature of cert. votes (i.e. that individual justices’ votes are not reported publicly) • The non-binding nature of conference votes • The opinion assignment rule • Unlimited questions at oral argument Research Day Assignment Oct. 6 will be a research day designed to allow you to select your topic, look for sources, and begin outlining your paper. Class will not meet this day so that you have the opportunity to work independently on your paper. At the beginning of class on Oct. 11 you will need to hand in the following, worth 15 points: • A statement of your topic • A definition of the rule/norm you’ve selected and how it functions • A draft explanation of your proposed change to the rule and the anticipated effects • An annotated bibliography of at least three outside sources 1 Academic sources such as journal articles and books are preferred. For each of the three sources, the annotated bibliography must include the full bibliographic citation for your source along with a brief summary of the main argument(s) in the source as well as a brief explanation of how the...
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JProPaperAssignF11 - Courts and Judicial Process Writing...

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