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MULTIPLE STEP FORMAT SUMMARY: Revenues A COS B Gross Profit C=A-B Operating expenses* D Operating Income E=C-D Non-operating** F Income before income taxes G=E+F Income taxes H Income from continuing operations I=G-H Discontinued operations NET OF TAX FROM HERE DOWN Operations, net of tax of $xxx J Gain/ Loss on disposition, net of tax of $xxx K Income before extraord. Items L=I+J+K Extraordinary Item/s, net of tax of $xxx M NET INCOME NI=L+M Earnings per share: Income from continuing operations I ÷ weighted avg. shares outstanding Income from disc. Ops J ÷ weighted avg. shares outstanding
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Unformatted text preview: Gain/ Loss from disposal of disc. Op K weighted avg. shares outstanding Incombe b4 ex. Items & c.e.o.c.i.a.p L weighted avg. shares outstanding Extraord. Gain/ loss M weighted avg. shares outstanding NET INCOME NI weighted avg. shares outstanding Note: Diluted EPS covered later in the 136 series. * May be several items, like Selling, general & admin., depreciation, etc. ** May be several items consisting of items outside the normal ops & MAY include unusual items. NOT net of tax!!...
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