Exam #1 Paper- Hamlet paper

Exam #1 Paper- Hamlet paper - Conspiracy Surrounding Hamlet...

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Conspiracy Surrounding Hamlet After the ghost of Hamlet ’s father warns him, “Taint not your mind,” Hamlet ultimately does not engage in a conspiracy, by definition . By Hamlet involving Horatio, Marcellus, and unknowingly other characters, he has brought them into his plan to help unveil Claudius ’s evil doings, but only for his personal intentions . He also did not include them into his murderous plans for the sake of secrecy. Hamlet does not permit Horatio and Marcellus to know the Ghost ’s secret, therefore avoids bringing them into his personal plot to kill Claudius . The only thing he tells them is that there is a villain dwelling in Denmark . Horatio responds by stating, “There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave, / To tell us this” (32). Horatio’s statement strengthens the argument that Hamlet did not involve anyone else into conspiracy because Hamlet did not tell him any new information that was not already common knowledge . Quickly, Hamlet responds by saying “Why, right, you are in the right . /And so, without more circumstance at all,/I hold it fit that we shake hands and part./You, as your /business and desire shall point you—/For every man has business and desire,/Such as it is—and for my own poor part,
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Exam #1 Paper- Hamlet paper - Conspiracy Surrounding Hamlet...

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