English 180 Test 1 Review

English 180 Test 1 Review - English 180 Test 1 Review:...

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PLOT AND STRUCTURE Conflict: the tension or problem in the story; a struggle between opposing forces. Inciting event : The event or force that sets in motion the rising action Turning point- crisis : A point of conflict in a novel. Crisis is applied to the episode or incident wherein the situation of the protagonist is certain either to improve or worsen. Because crisis is essentially a structural element of plot rather than an index of the emotional response that an event may produce in a reader or spectator, as climax is, the crisis and climax do not always occur together. Climax: The decisive point in a narrative or drama; the point of greatest intensity or interest. The climax is usually the turning point in the protagonist's fortunes or point of view. The falling action, resolution and denouement occur after the climax. Point of no return Scene: a section in a play presenting events that occur in one place at one time.- need action, narration and dialogue Dialogue -The conversation between characters in a drama or narrative . A dialogue occurs in most works of literature. Flashback -an interruption of the chronological sequence (as in a film or literary work) of an event of earlier occurrence. A flashback is a narrative technique that allows a writer to present past events during current events, in order to provide background for the current narration. Great Gatsby Flashforward : A literary or cinematic device in which the chronological sequence of events is interrupted by the interjection of a future event Great Gatsby
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English 180 Test 1 Review - English 180 Test 1 Review:...

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