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exam II review - Chapter 6 7 Torts The breach of a duty...

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Torts - The breach of a duty, owed by one person to another, other than a contract, for which the law provides a remedy. - Torts and crimes involved people and property - Contracts involve promises - A single act may constitute both a crime and a tort - “Tortfeasor” is a person who committed the tort Types of Torts - Intentional Torts: causing harm by committing intentional acts Intentional Torts - Assault (no touching involved): a willful attempt or threat to inflict injury upon the person of another (or anything connected), coupled with a present ability to do so, and any display of force such as would give the victim a reasonable apprehension of fear of immediate bodily harm or offensive contact; in the same vicinity - Assault and Battery: (unlawful touching is involved)the intentional, unlawful touching (offensive contact) by another person (or anything connected) with the victim without consent or justification Defenses to assault and battery : a. Consent b. Self-defense - False Imprison m e nt: th e non-cons ensu al, intentional confine m e nt of a p erson, a g ainst on e’s wil th e lawful privilege, for a n a p preciable length of tim e, howev er short. Exception: “Merchant Protection Act” a. Reason a ble d et e ntion of a custo m er is allowed – false imprison m e nt is not b. A m erch ant m u st h av e proba ble caus e to justify d et aining a susp ect e d shoplifter, a nd th e m only restrain th e susp ect in a reason a ble m a n n er a n d for a reason able length of tim e. Defa m ation of Character - Publication of a st at e m e nt th at holds a n individu al or business up to conte m pt, ridicule, or h - Defa m ation Per Se a. Stat e m e nt th at a p erson h as a loathso m e co m m u nicable dise a s e b. Stat e m e nt th at a p erson h as co m mitted improprieties while e n g a g e d in a profession or trad c. Stat e m e nt th at a p erson h as co m mitted or h as b e e n imprison ed for a s erious crim e
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d. Statement that unmarried woman in unchaste - Truth is an absolute defense Fraud - The intentional misrepresentation of a past or present material fact, made with the intent to   to enter into a contract, justifiably relied upon to the victim’s detriment - Exceptions: statements of opinions; puffing; if the person stating an opinion has superior kn   the subject matter.  Wrongs Against Property - Trespass of Land     : the unlawful entry onto the property of another without consent or privilege.   damage to land is not required - General rule     : a trespasser generally assumes the risk of the condition of the premises.  - Attractive Nuisance     : an owner must anticipate trespassing because of being attracted by some   property (ex: swimming pool, construction site, sand pit, etc) Trespass to Personal Property - Conversion     : (civil version of embezzlement) an unauthorized and wrongful exercise of dominio
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exam II review - Chapter 6 7 Torts The breach of a duty...

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