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Map of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 1001 Bissonnet at Main, Houston, 77005 Note: this map is available at = 1: The parking garage, fee is $3. The garage is parked with a big sculpture of a yellow arrow. Whether you choose to park in the garage or not, please enter building 1 to begin your tour, where the directions begin. 2: The Audrey Jones Beck Building, where mostly European and North American art is held,
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Unformatted text preview: and where your tour begins. 3: The Caroline Wiess Law Building, where mostly international art is found Note: Free parking is available in two outdoor street-level lots north of the Law Building along Main Street: one at Bissonnet, one at Oakdale. There is also street parking available, especially on the weekends. Further information about parking is available here: par1=4&par2=1&par3=1&par4=1&par5=1&par6=1&par7=&lgc=1&eid=&currentPage =...
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