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Article Response Arts 1303 Backer Due: October 6 500 words Overview This assignment requires you to read a brief article and write a paper in which you evaluate the issues raised in the article. Read over this whole sheet before reading the article. Acquire and Read the Article: Mary Beard, Lord Elgin - Saviour or Vandal? Find the article at . As you read, make notes of the important points in each section. Also identify quotes that most efficiently convey points that you consider important. Write a Response Paper The subject of the article is the rightful ownership of marbles that were moved from Greece to England. Both countries and many art historians have weighed in on whether or not the sculptures should be
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Unformatted text preview: returned. This is your chance to join in the debate. In your paper, YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT AS YOUR THESIS. Its acceptable to acknowledge the merits of the other sides point of view, but you must argue that one sides position is superior. In the rest of the paper, you will provide evidence from the article to support your thesis. Include at least two quotes from the article for support, and include proper MLA citation. Links to guides can be found in the Research Project Overview file. Submit your paper to the online dropbox by 11:30 on Thursday, October 6....
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