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Here are the questions the class generated. Study the chart, the power point and read the chapter. Use the method of studying that we discussed in class. Then attempt to answer these questions without looking at your notes. When you finish, go back to the chart and mark the sections in which you missed questions. Multiple Choice 1. When accumulation of an end product slows the process that makes that product, the process is known as __________. a. Positive Feedback b. Negative Feedback c. Prokaryotic d. Eukaryotic 2. The cells found in the human body that can perform a specific activity required for life are which kind of cell ___________. a. Prokaryotic b. Eukaryotic c. DNA d. Mechanism 3. Choose the taxonomic group that would most likely contain the most species. a. Phylum b. Class c. Genus d. Domain 4. Which domain consists of only prokaryotic cells a. Bacteria b. Archae
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c. Eukarya 5. Life requires ________ transfer and transformation a. Reproduction b. Organ c. Energy d. Evolution 6. The tree produces fruit using energy from sunlight. What classification is the monkey that
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chapter_1_class_practice_questions - Here are the questions...

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