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Ling111BrainProcessingF09 (1) - What do speech errors tell...

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1 Language processing Ling111 1 What do speech errors tell us about language processing? 2 Types of errors That is a beau+ful Bread and Breakfast. 3 Anticipatory – subsitute a later unit for an earlier unit Can you in the back see the whitewoard? Perseveration – an earlier unit replaces a later unit She shat on him. (sat) addition I'm going to the rac+ce room ‐ prac+ce room. deletion Types of errors Have you told Lick and Rinda… Rick and Linda yet? 4 Metathesis – switch the positions of two units In high school she was my breast fend. Shift – move a unit to another place I like to eat green greans… oh I mean beans. Blend – fuse two words together She doesn't sink it's funny… think it's funny. Substitution – subsitute one unit for another Smaller categories of errors 5 The alphabet has vowels and con+nents. Generaliza+on: words are oKen replaced by exis+ng words (consonants) "How does California Pizza Chicken sound?" (kitchen) We used to spit on the porch. (sit) Exercise in fer+lity. (futility) Smaller categories of errors 6 blue bloats (boats) Generaliza+on: changes oKen result in possible words They're s+ll calling Plato a plunet. (planet) I leary, I really like lemons (really) I was going to, but I wasn't vo+mated…mo+vated enough. (motivated)
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2 Smaller categories of errors 7 "Max just tripped and falled down the stairs….I mean fell." He drived it. Sparking pots (parking spots) kazy crids Generaliza+on: morphological structure remains intact Smaller categories of errors 8 There's shog on the fore tonight, Bosen. [ ʃ ] [f] Which wab… which RABBIT? [w] [ ɹ ] Will you hang up my bathrope? [b] Guess who I rain in to? ? [A] Generaliza+on: syllable / phonological structure remains intact Smaller categories of errors: features 9 We've been given so many diFerent wowel charts. [v] I like red libbons beYer. Let's do the toin coss Generaliza+on: changes oKen reflect ar+culatory features of sounds – oKen diFer by one feature Will you hang up my bathrope? [b] Both alveolar approximants: [l] is lateral Both voiceless stops – front and back of mouth Both bilabial stops: voicing Both labial Summary 10 Speech errors show the psychological reality of linguistic categories: • articulatory features • phonetic inventories • phonological systems • morphological and syntactic structures We organize our speech production according to abstract categories, and we have rules about how those categories interact. 11 What role does the brain play in language? Where Which parts of the brain are involved in language? ±re there areas of the brain that are uniquely dedicated to language?
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Ling111BrainProcessingF09 (1) - What do speech errors tell...

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