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Ling111FinalPreparationGuideF09 (1) - Ling 111, Fall 2009...

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Ling 111, Fall 2009 Carmel O’Shannessy Final Exam Preparation Guide 1. General information about the Final 1.1 What is covered? All of the content of the course from Oct 26 on. 1.2 Time planning The exam is for one hour. 1.3 Question types The exam contains the same kinds of questions that were on the homeworks and in discussion sections. There are also be True or False questions, and multiple choice questions. You will often be asked to explain the reasoning for your choice. The questions will test your understanding of the work and whether you can apply the concepts taught to new data or situations. There will be no question on the exam that you have previously seen on a homework or in class. The questions are all new. But they test the same concepts that were tested in the homeworks and that were discussed in class. Data analysis You will be given some data as you were in Sections and Homeworks. You will be asked questions based on the data. Short answers You will be asked to write some short responses to questions or statements.
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Ling111FinalPreparationGuideF09 (1) - Ling 111, Fall 2009...

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