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1 Ling 111: Introduction to Language Fall 2009 HW 4 Homework Assignment 4 Due in Discussion Section week ending Dec 4, 2009 Or, for those in Thursday sections, in the drop box, Dec 4, 2009 Name: ______________________________ UM Id: ______________________________ Name of your GSI: ______________________________ Date and time of Discussion Section: ______________________________ Instructions 1. Always keep a copy of your completed homework for yourself. 2. Staple the sheets of your homework together. 3. Answer all the questions. 4. We left spaces on homework sheet for you to write down your answers. If you need more space, feel free to add extra sheets of paper. However, if you do that: Be sure to write your name, UM Id, and the name of your GSI on the top of each additional sheet. Also number your answers very carefully if you add extra sheets. 5. Feel free to explain your answers, even if that is not asked for. Sometimes it is easier to give you points if we understand how you reasoned to arrive at your answer. 6. In questions where you are asked to write a paragraph or to explain your answer, we will look not only at whether your answer is correct, but also at how well you present your argument . So, pay attention also to how you state things. 7. Write legibly. 8. If you work in groups, please follow the policy on groupwork as explained in the syllabus.
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2 Question 1 Semantics 1.1 Two semantic relations discussed in the lecture are paraphrase and entailment . Which of these is exemplified in the following pairs of sentences?
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Ling111Homework4_F09 (1) - Ling 111: Introduction to...

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