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Mat 117 Week Five DQ 2

Mat 117 Week Five DQ 2 - ⁴ ⁴ Rational exponent’s...

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Mat 117 Week Five DQ 2 One of the laws of exponents is multiplying, we can add exponents if the bases are the same.  For example: 5²∙5 =5²  since he bases are the same you can do 5 ∙ 5 and add the 2 and the 4 ⁺⁴   together.  Another law is to raise a power to a power, we can multiply the exponents.  For example: (5²) =5² ˙   on the power rule you keep the base and multiply the exponents. 
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Unformatted text preview: ⁴ ⁴ Rational exponent’s rules work the same as they do with exponents that are integers. The difference between the two is that integers are used instead of fractions. For class to solve: 7² ∙ 7 ⁴...
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