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Club IT Part 3 - Club IT Part 3 Club IT Part 3 Loretta...

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Club IT Part 3 Club IT Part 3 Loretta Campbell University of Phoenix Carlos Zapata June 8, 2011 Loretta Campbell June 8, 2011
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Club IT Part 3 This technology plan will identify the solutions to the business problems at Club IT, the problems consist of: cost, and benefits. This plan will provide a description of Club IT and demographic information. The plan will provide a clear set of goals and strategy for using information systems to achieve these goals and improve business. Furthermore, this plan will provide a professional development strategy that ensures staff training on the new systems. It will provide an assessment of the telecommunication service, hardware, software, and other services that will be needed to improve service. This will provide a budget that identifies the organizational funds that is available for the system being used. An evaluation that enables the organization to monitor progress toward the goals specified for using information systems and improving business will also be provided. Lastly the plan will provide a complete inventory of the current hardware, software, and types of telecommunications services being used. Based off of the cost and benefits Club IT needs to analyze the need for applications and justify them. The information systems are usually needed to relate to organizational guidelines and to the analysis of its performance to its competitors. The cost benefit justification will oversee the knowledge of investing in a specific IT application to compete with spending the funds on different projects. Cost-benefit analysis is what this comparison is referred to. Companies face major challenges when it comes to fixed costs among different IT projects. One more complication is that the cost of a system does not end when the system is installed, there are cost for maintaining, debugging, and improving the system will accumulate over the years. Estimating the benefits of IT projects is harder than calculating the business cost. Many benefits are harder to quantify because there are intangible. Comparison must be completed between the costs and benefits of the IT investments. A business case is a written document that managers use to justify funding one or more specific applications or projects. Club IT Description and Demographic Information The people in Club IT is a group of managers and staff representing various organizational units, that is set up to establish IT priorities and to ensure that the MIS function is meeting the needs of the club. The people that the club takes care of, is the customers. The owners make sure that the customers eat, drink, and enjoy themselves with music and a dance floor available.
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