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Unformatted text preview: STAT 201 Recitation Worksheet: Descriptive Statistics 1. To verify that incoming MSBA students have an up to date background in economics, a refresher exam is given to all students who enroll at MIT’s Sloan school. A random sample of 6 economics refresher exam scores yields the following results: 71 64 89 66 92 104 (a) Calculate the mean exam score. (b) Calculate the median exam score. 2. A statistics professor has just moved to the Philadelphia area and is interested in learning how much time to allow for the drive to work. For a random sample of 5 days, his driving times in minutes are as follows. 45 50 50 55 75 The sample average is = 55 minutes. Calculate the: (a) sample variance. (b) sample standard deviation. 3. In Anthropology 606 your course grade is calculated from your scores on homework, a project, and a midterm and final exam. Homework and the project are equally weighted in the calculation, the midterm counts twice as much as the project, and the final counts three times...
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This note was uploaded on 09/26/2011 for the course STAT 201 taught by Professor Drex during the Spring '04 term at Drexel.

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Recitation_V_Desc_Stat_Spr_09 - STAT 201 Recitation...

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