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Stat 201 Hypothesis Testing Recitation Worksheet 1. Historically, the mean score on an achievement test for students at PS 289 has been 640 points. A group of faculty at the school have created an online review course for the students, which is of course intended to improve the mean test score. A random sample of 40 students goes through the online review course and then takes the achievement test. The resulting sample yields a mean score of 648.2 with a standard deviation of 22.4. Does this result provide evidence that the population mean for students who take the review course is higher than the historical value of 640? Assume that we are willing to accept a 5% chance of making a Type I error, i.e. test at the α = 0.05 level of significance. (a) Set up an appropriate null and alternative hypothesis. (b) What is the decision rule (rejection region) for this test? (c) Calculate the test statistic and report the conclusion. 2. Last month a large mortgage company reported that 18% of its customers were behind on their mortgage payments.
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