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What are the 3 properties that make up an IP packet? Unit, destination IP address, sequence number How many bits are in a byte? 8 List 4/5 parts in the computer ‘Anatomy’ Control Unit, ALU, memory, input Write the part of the Hex code that represents the red, green and blue components. #5F29C3 (0-9, A-F) Red (5F): 01011111 F=15 Green (29): 00101001 Blue (C3): 11000011 C=12 #B2F933 Red (B2): 10110010 B=11 Green (F9): 11111001 F=15 Blue (33): 00110011 Write the tag to create a table that will be the entire width of the browser. You only need to write the opening table tag and the necessary attributes. <table width = “100%”> What attribute and value would you use to make a hyperlink open in a new window every time you click it? <a href = “www.rutgers.edu” target = “blank”> Write an html comment tag. Inside that tag should be the text “this is a comment”. < ! - - This is a comment - - > Rewrite the following HTML table, correcting any errors: <table><td><tr backgroundColor=”blue”>some text</tr></
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Unformatted text preview: td> <table><tr bg color=blue><td>some text</td></tr></table> <bold><paragraph>bold text</bold></paragraph> <p><b><bold text></b></p> <paragraph><align=right>some text</align></paragraph> <p align=right>some text</p> <h1><head>My page title</head></h1> <head><h1>My page title</h1></head> Write the escape code that allows us to print out the > symbol in HTML ___&gt; Write out the following text inside of the smallest heading tag that HTML has available (as given in lecture): This is the smallest heading possible <h6>This is the smallest heading possible</h6> Complete the following HTML fragment by closing the opened tags in the correct order: <ul><li><i>My HTML fragment<b>needs to be finished </b></i></li></ul> Rewrite the following correcting any errors: <li><ul>A list</ol></ul> <ul><li>A list</li></ul> Write the escape code that allows us to print a blank space in HTML. &nbspc...
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Exam 1 Study Guide - td> <table><tr bg

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