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Eric Hammer 1.25.11 Net ID: ehamm05 Bolden Assignment 1 It was just another Friday night at Rutgers. I did my usual routine, you know, class, lunch, sleep, and go out. I was at a party with some of my friends who live on my floor when my forgetful roommate approaches me and says, “Bro, what classes are you taking?” Very confused by the timing of such a question, I tell him what I’m taking, finishing with Communication 101. Alex responds with, “ Oh, Intro to Talking.” Although my classes were the last things on my mind, I was pretty upset with the rude response that I just received from my roommate. Given, he is European, and not the sharpest tool in the shed, but that is certainly no excuse for an ignorant response of that caliber. It was very loud, but I began to explain to my friend what communication really is because it is definitely not just talking. There may not be one correct definition, but a good one says “communication means that information is passes from one place to
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