Exam 1 Review

Exam 1 Review - I n troduction to Communications Exam...

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Introduction to C ommunications Exam Review A red light, the American flag, and the Eiffel tower are all examples of these Symbol The notion that states that no two people attach precisely the same meaning to the messages around us Subjectivity Reflex or automatic responses that do not involve symbolic processing First order information processing events These are the 3 visible aspects of communication Interactants, media and symbols The capacity, through the use of media, for symbols to have meaning and significance apart from the situation in which they were originally used Permanents and portability Any symbol or collection of symbols that has meaning or utility Message Scholarly theories in communication are evaluated in terms of these 3 principles Validity, reliability, and utility When we discuss a photo in class, these enabled us to describe, explain, and predict things about the people in the photo Native theories _________ refers to the activity of sending and receiving messages and to the discipline as a whole ________ refers to technologies or to specific messages that are transmitted through media Communication and communications Human communication is _____ through which individuals in relationships, groups,
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Exam 1 Review - I n troduction to Communications Exam...

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