Exam 2 Jeopardy

Exam 2 Jeopardy - In this kind of culture meanings are in...

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Low context cultures These gestures are used to indicate relationship between people Tie signs Three ways to get to know a new culture Violation, cross-cultural contact, scholarly analysis Three of the four stages of cultural adaptation Honeymoon, frustration, readjustment, resolution When we hear our own name over the loud buzz of the crowd at a party, we are deploying this Selective attention An Iraqi journalist throwing shoes at pres bush indicates this feature of nonverbal communication Cultural variability Where we store general knowledge about people, places, and things Semantic memory (episodic is autobiographical) During this stage of cultural adaptation, a person may experience anxiety and hostility, as they see the realities of life in an unfamiliar environment more clearly Frustration The property of language that allows us to use language to talk about our communication Metacommunication Laura is talking to Lisa about her weekend at the shore. As she does so, she holds her hands about 14 in apart from one another in order to describe the fish she caught, this nonverbal gesture is _____. Illustrator This characteristic of language is represented by the phrase “the map is not the territory” Principle of Non-Allness: (A is not all A) Smoke signals, pens, telephones are examples of this Communication medium Sometimes the tone of our speech is different from the content. This assertion describes
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Exam 2 Jeopardy - In this kind of culture meanings are in...

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