Exam 2 Study Guide B

Exam 2 Study Guide B - Attitudes, beliefs, and values-...

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Attitudes, beliefs, and values - receiver may have predisposition Capability - expertise affects how you perceive things Characteristics of culture - Complex/multi-faceted, invisible, subjective, and changes over time Communication Medium - Smoke signals, pens, telephones are examples of this Communication Style - how we prefer to communicate or learn information Contradiction - sometimes the tone of our speech is different from the content. This assertion describes THIS type of relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication Cultural Variability - An Iraqi journalist throwing shoes at pres bush indicates this feature of nonverbal communication Emblems - these gestures have a direct verbal translation Experience and habit - communication habits First Pair Part - Another term for an initiation action Frustration - During this stage of cultural adaptation, a person may experience anxiety and hostility, as they see the realities of life in an unfamiliar environment more clearly Goals - may cause you to attend selectively to, or ignore information
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Exam 2 Study Guide B - Attitudes, beliefs, and values-...

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