Final Review

Final Review - Anomaly- contradictory information that...

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Anomaly - contradictory information that impacts and changes existing paradigms Culture - Complex combination of common symbols, knowledge, folklore conventions, language, message processing patterns, rules, rituals, habits, life-styles, and attitudes that link and give a common identity to a particular group of people at particular point in time Erving Goffman - wrote about impressions given, impressions given off, and tie signs Exploration - At this stage of relationship development, people consider possibilities of a relationship, if it would develop and how Given - Of impressions given and impressions given off, this one is more likely to be verbal, and controlled. Hawthorne Studies - show that workers tend to respond positively to attention from others. Hidden - Elisa had a big wart on her shoulder that she is trying to hide from her boyfriend Joe. From her perspective, this information would fit into this quadrant of the Johari Window (3); known to self, not known to others Inevitability - The invisible aspect of communication is represented by the phrases “we cannot not communicate” Interaction Appearance Theory - our perception of attractiveness changes as a direct result of positive/negative interaction Johari Window - provides a useful way to think about the dynamics of self-awareness or behavior, feelings, and motives (Open, Blind, Hidden, Unknown); known/not to self on top, known/not to others on side
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Final Review - Anomaly- contradictory information that...

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