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Study Guide - Adaptation- The process through which animals...

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Adaptation- The process through which animals and humans fit themselves to the demands and challenges of their environments and one another Anomalies- Research findings, observations, or events which cannot be well explained by, or are inconsistent with, existing paradigms Aristotle- Early scholar who defined communication as an activity in which a speaker constructs messages that bring about persuasive effects among listeners Auditory Messages- Messages processed through the sense of hearing Classical Period- A time when it was generally held that communication was critical to nearly all aspects of human life Commodity- The word given to information when it is bought and sold Communication Iceberg- Illustrates that the communication process is far more complex than it might superficially appear Communication Modes- Purposeful or non-purposeful means through which animals and humans process environmental messages Communication- Refers to the field and the process Communications- Refers to the media and messages Converging Media- Merging Technology Corax- Developed the first theory of communication which was later extended by his student Tisias Culture- Commonness of experience with other people established through participation in groups, organizations, and society Dance- Created a helical-spiral model of communication with an emphasis on time Ethics- Choices about what to say and how to say it, about when to speak and when to be silent, and whether to be forthright or evasive Fight or Flight- The stress response, in which hormonal and muscular systems are activated after encountering threatening situations First-Order Information Processing Events-
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Study Guide - Adaptation- The process through which animals...

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