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Journal Chpt 3 - priorities Since 2000 McDonald’s has...

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Eric Hammer Professor Reaves Thursday, September 16 At McDonald’s, CSR Is Everybody’s Business (Forbes) Chapter 2 was very concerned about ethics and responsibility in the business world. In this article, Senior Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility Kathleen Bannan discusses the history and current state of social responsibility at McDonald’s. In the past fifty years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has changed dramatically. During “The Golden Age” (1955-1989), CSR was about being involved in the community and promoting the business as trustworthy and legitimate. In the “Globalization” period (1990-2000), CSR was greatly involved with the new technology. New factors such as nutrition, the environment, and international conflict became
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Unformatted text preview: priorities. Since 2000, McDonald’s has been practicing “Strategic CSR”. Corporate governance and ethics have become vital in every function throughout the business like supply chain, environmental responsibility, community, employment experience, nutrition, and general well being. There are still problems, however, that need to be addressed. For example, Bannan included an idea such as “investing in energy efficiency solutions and analyzing an environmental scorecard across departments to chart progress as well as identify struggle points.” Although CSR still stands as a small component of the overall equation, progress has definitely been made, and it should be important to everybody....
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