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Eric Hammer Professor Reaves Thursday, October 7, 2010 The Key to Writing a Winning Business Plan (Forbes) From entrepreneurs to CEOs; from students to company presidents. All of these businesspeople started somewhere, and they all started with a business plan. It is absolutely essential in continuing education, finding an internship, landing a job, getting a promotion, etc. It is very important to map out a plan and an outline of what goals you make for yourself in a certain period of time. Even successful, growing businesses maintain some type of business plan. All successful business plans should include specific things. The executive summary should include general information about the business such as the mission statement, important dates, number of employees, products, facilities, and more. The market analysis should have a description of the industry and an outlook and identification of the target market. Without going into much detail, the
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Unformatted text preview: company description should discuss simple business elements and success factors. Organizational structure, ownership information, and management profiles are all important factors in a successful business plan. You must remember to include marketing and sales strategies, as well. In the Service and Product Line section, discuss what you’re selling and how it can benefit potential buyers. A funding request must be included where it’s necessary to identify future-funding requirements too. It is very important to also add in financial details; you must talk about historical financial data and prospective financial data too. Finally, include a short analysis of your financial information; include a ratio and trend analysis for all your financial statements (historical and prospective). Throughout the entire business plan, you may want to consider adding pictures, charts, graphs, and diagrams because pictures can speak louder than words....
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