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Journal Chpt 13

Journal Chpt 13 - It can be said that the complication for...

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Eric Hammer Professor Reaves Thursday, November 25, 2010 The Impact of Location On Brand Loyalty: The Cubs, Cardinals And Rays (Forbes) A series late in the season between rival Cardinals and Cubs drew a total attendance of 113,926 in three games, an average of 37,975, filling the stadium to 92.1% capacity. This is not bad for two teams that were basically out of the playoff race and have recorded weak numbers all season long. And then there were the Rays who gave away 20,000 free tickets to a game against the Orioles, and this is a team who has been in playoff races for the past few years. It’s an understatement to say that fan loyalty among Cubs and Cardinals fans is light years beyond Rays’ fans.
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Unformatted text preview: It can be said that the complication for the Rays is their location in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is strange to think that they were giving away free tickets when just a few weeks later they were fighting for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Many things impact brand loyalty. History of success. Customer service. Quality of experience. But the experiences of the Cubs, Cardinals, and Rays show the importance of location in branding and creating avid, supportive fan bases. Hopefully for Rays management, fans will ‘locate’ their pocketbooks come the 2010 MLB postseason and in the future....
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