21 - seeking work but currently unemployed o Federal...

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Mixed Market Economies Start Economic systems that combine features of private enterprise and planned economies Mixture of public and private enterprise can vary widely from country to country Process of converting a publicly owned company to a private one is called privatization Economic systems should provide stable business environment and sustained growth Business decisions and consumer behavior differ at various stages of the business cycle o Prosperity - high consumer confidence, business expanding o Recession - cyclical economic contraction lasting for 6+ months Dec 2007-June 2009 (18 months)- longest recession post WWII o Depression - extended recession o Recovery - declining unemployment, increasing business activity http://www.forbes.com/2010/09/15/six-ways-retirees-beat-inflation-personal-finance- annuities-stocks.html (homework/journal) The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the CPI (Consumer Price Index) monthly along with other economic measures The unemployment rate is the percentage of total workforce actively
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Unformatted text preview: seeking work but currently unemployed. o Federal, Seasonal, Structural, and/or Cyclical o Ex. Casino Industry o Ex. Being laid off during corporate downsizing • Monetary policy- government actions to increase or decrease the money supply and change banking policy and interest rates to influence consumer spending. • The Federal Reserve System formulates and implements monetary policy. 1. When we examine the exchanges that companies and societies make as a whole, we are focusing on what system operating in different nations? a. relationship system b. economic system c. environmental d. private enterprise 2. The willingness and ability of buyers to purchase goods and services at different prices is called a. demand b. supply c. an economic system d. owners rights 5. natural resources include all of the following except a. capitalism b. land c. building sites d. mineral deposits...
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21 - seeking work but currently unemployed o Federal...

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