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5 - The sales forecast requires that the entrepreneur...

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Small Business Resources Close Rate o 1 out of 3 Franchising Benefits Franchising Advantages What is a Business Plan? How can you compare a 5-year personal plan to a small business plan? What size depends on source SBA<1500 employees? (Small Business Assoc.) Small Business Plan and You (1) Setting Goals and Objectives : A business plan should discuss the entrepreneur’s goals and objectives, the strategies used to obtain them, and how these strategies will be implemented (2) Sales Forecasting
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Unformatted text preview: : The sales forecast requires that the entrepreneur demonstrate an understanding of the market, the strengths and weaknesses of existing firms, and the means by which the new venture will compete. Partnerships • Advantages o Easy to form o Different Management • Disadvantages o Unlimited Financial Liability o Interpersonal Conflicts Corporations o Advantages o Liability o Specialized Management o Disadvantages o Difficult to Form o Tax Disadvantage...
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