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7 - • Education o 100 US colleges and universities offer...

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What is Entrepreneurship? An entrepreneur is a person who seeks a profitable opportunity and takes the necessary risks to set up and operate a business. Differ from many small-business owners in their strong desire to make their business grow . Differ from managers through their overriding responsibility to use the resources of the organization to accomplish their goals. Willing to take risks . Categories of Entrepreneurs Classic Entrepreneurs o Pursue and allocate resources Serial Entrepreneurs o Start one business after another Education/IT/Demographic & Economic Trends
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Unformatted text preview: • Education o 100 US colleges and universities offer entrepreneurship majors. o Universities are helping students launch businesses. o Many programs teach entrepreneurship to young people. • Information Technology o Technology has given entrepreneurs tools that help them compete o Entrepreneurs have used information technology to revolutionize industries. • Demographic and Economic Trends o Aging of US population o Emergence of Hispanics as nation’s largest ethnic group. o Growth of two-income families *Tolerance for Ambiguity...
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