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12 - reduce inventory o Ex Dell and Jeans • Interactivity...

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Chapter 7 E-Business: Doing Business Online What is E-Business? Electronic business (e-business) – conducting business via the Internet 1. E-tailing – virtual storefronts on Web sites 2. Online business-to-business transactions 3. Electronic data interchange (EDI) – business-to-business exchange of data using compatible software 4. E-mail, instant messaging, and other Web-enabled communication tools and their use as media for reaching prospective and existing customers. 5. The gathering and use of demographic, product, and other information through Web contacts Capabilities and Benefits of E-Business Global Reach . Goods and services can be sold to customers worldwide. Personalization . Companies can customize products and
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Unformatted text preview: reduce inventory o Ex. Dell and Jeans • Interactivity . Customers and suppliers can negotiate prices online. • Right-time and integrated marketing . Online retailers provide products when and where customers want them and promotions can be directed to individual customers. • Cost savings . E-business can reduce costs. Some E-Business Successes • University of Phoenix • FreshDirect • Boston Symphony Orchestra • Apple’s iTunes • Amazon.com Business-to-Business (B2B) • Total $2.5 trillion • 90% of all e-commerce activities Electronic Data Interchanges, Extranets, and Private Exchanges • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)...
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