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14 - • Employee blogs may present ethical issues Web...

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E-Business Challenges (Poor Website Design) 50% of shopping carts are abandoned before any purchase is made Using the Web’s Communication Function Web has 4 main functions: e-business, entertainment, information, and communication Communication is Web’s most popular function o Firms use e-mail to communicate with customers, suppliers, and other partners o Online Communities : Internet forums, newsgroups, electronic bulletin boards, and Web communities that appeal to people who share common interests Over communication has lead to spam, which is junk e-mail . Web Communication Blogs Blog - short for Web log, an online journal written by a blogger . May incorporate wikis , a Web page that anyone can edit. Some incorporate podcasts , video and audio recordings. Feedburner services more than 200,000 podcasts. Corporate blogs can help build brand trust. o Example: Apple’s iLounge builds the iPod brand and gives Apple ideas for product improvement.
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Unformatted text preview: • Employee blogs may present ethical issues. Web Communication Web Based Promotion • Banner Ads- messages placed on frequently visited Websites • Pop-up Ads- ads that appear in separate windows • Pre-roll Video Ads- advertisements that roll as soon as a page is loaded • Search Marketing- companies pay for top visibility in search results Global Environment of E-Business • Future growth of many companies is linked to a global strategy that incorporates e-business • US leads world in Internet users but ranks only 5 th in Internet penetration • E-Bay may dominate most markets, but Chinese company alibaba.com has 83% of the auction business in China Developing a Successful Website • Purpose of a site • It’s easier to create a bad website than a good one; organizations must think about: o Planning and Preparation o Content and Connections o Costs and Maintenance...
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