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Chapter 8 – Management, Leadership, and Internal Organization Business Day Bring in your product or service 5 minutes to present Do not have to buy Knowledge is Power Keep Me Informed Use the Knowledge Base What is Management? Management is the process of achieving organizational objectives through people and other resources Top Management Key Executives: Vice President, CEO, CFO, and other top managers o Develop long-range strategic plans for the organization o Inspire executives and employees to achieve their vision for the company’s future Middle Management Titles: General Managers, plant managers, division managers, and branch manages o Focus on specific operations , products, or customer groups within an organization o Responsible for developing detailed plans and procedures to implement the firm’s strategic plans
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Unformatted text preview: Supervisory Management • Implement the plans developed by middle managers. • Responsible for non-manager employees • Motivate workers to accomplish daily, weekly, and monthly goals o Supervisory management includes supervisor, section chief, team leader, and store manager Skills Needed for Management Success • Technical Skills o Manager’s ability and understand and use the techniques, knowledge, and tools and equipment of a specific discipline or department • Human Skills o Interpersonal skills that enable a manager to work effectively with and through people. • Conceptual Skills o Ability to see the organization as a unified whole and to understand how each part of the overall organization interacts with other parts....
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