APUSH CH 1-5 REVIEW - APUSH Chapter 1-5 Test Review ~ =] 1....

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APUSH Chapter 1-5 Test Review ~ =] 1. 17 th century American Indian depopulation rate in Spain’s New World Empire -50 million to 4 million 2. The Columbian Exchange -New World to Old: Maize (corn), potatoes -Old World to New: Diseases, horses, chickens 3. Primary aim of the explorers. -Gold, Path to Asia, freedom of religion, new life away from oppression 4. Belief of English Puritans -Sought to form self-governing churches with membership limited to “visible saints”; 2 groups of Puritans = Separatists and Non-Separatists -Plymouth Separatists: did not want to reform Church of England 5. Maryland in the 17 th Century. (Characteristics of the colony) -Celcilius Calvert took father’s place to create colony as a refuge for English Catholics who were discriminated 6. Native civilizations in Mesoamerican and those in the North -Mayas: math, astronomy which helped devise a calendar -Toltecs: warlike peeps -Aztecs: city of Tenochtitlan -Incas: [Quechua] controlled large empire along Andes; elaborate roads and organized an autocratic gov. that dominated life 7. Causes for the rise of European exploration and trade. -Desire for resources and goods 8. Emigrants to Jamestown Colony -came to find gold; “gentleman” are inexperienced in hard labor 9. Iroquois League -Alliance of native tribes to exploit fur trade [Beaver Wars]; Weapons supplied by Dutch 10. American Indian origin theories 11. Founding of Georgia and New York Colony -Georgia: Last of British continental colonies to be established; Buffer against Spanish Florida; Philanthropic experiment [seeking to promote welfare of others] -New York: Was New Netherland; Found by Dutch Easy India Company under Henry Hudson to seek passage to China 12. The Headright System in Virginia. -legal grant of land to settlers for paying his own way or bringing in others
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APUSH CH 1-5 REVIEW - APUSH Chapter 1-5 Test Review ~ =] 1....

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