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Fall 2011 3053 Syllabus - University of Arkansas, College...

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University of Arkansas, College of Education and Health Professions DEPARTMENT OF REHABILITATION, HUMAN RESOURCES, AND COMMUNICATION DISORDERS I. Program Affiliation: Counselor Education Course Number and Title : CNED 3053: THE HELPING RELATIONSHIP Course Schedule: Fall 2011 9:30-10:50am. Room 239, GRAD Catalog Description An examination of school and community resources available to help students in distress. Development of an understanding of the helping relationship, including problem recognition and referral to appropriate resources. Particularly appropriate for students working as paraprofessional helpers, such as Residence Hall staff, Orientation Counselors, or Study Skills Leaders. Prerequisite: PSYC 2003 Instructor: Stephanie Belk, MS Graduate Assistant, Doctoral Student Office Location: GRAD ED 121 Office Hours: Monday 12:45-1:45 Wednesday 12:30-1:30 or by appointment Contact: Phone: 575-2982 or Email (preferred method): [email protected] II. Relationship to Knowledge Base BASIC LEVEL, The course emphasizes introductory human relationship skills and fundamental counseling techniques used by paraprofessional helpers. The required text focuses on practical applications of helping skills and techniques. III. Goals Review the role and function of the effective helper and the helping relationship, emphasizing communication skills, helping theories, helping strategies and crisis intervention. IV. Competencies A. Students will define the helping relationship in terms of roles, skills, stages and ethics. B. Students will articulate personal values, principles, and goals as they relate to helping others. C. Students will demonstrate appropriate listening and responding techniques for a variety of helping situations. CNED3053/SB/575-2982/Fall2011/page 1
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D. Students will demonstrate appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviors and skills as applied to helping relationships. E. Students will compare and contrast various helping theories, and articulate a personal helping theory. F. Students will sequence and administer problem-solving strategies. V. Content The course will be organized to include lectures, written exercises, demonstrations and student participation in role plays, dyad, triad, and group practice drills to provide opportunities for feedback regarding: Effective communication styles, attending to verbal and non-verbal messages, strategies for problem solving, counseling theories, and interpersonal communication models. VI. Evaluation Statement of Purpose paper 25 points Diversity Experience 50 points Skills Taping 60 points Ethics paper 25 points Capstone Paper 25 points Wellness in-class 25 points Final Exam 50 points TOTAL 260 points Grading Scale Grades will be based upon overall professional development. The following scale will be used: Letter Grade Percentage A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 59 and below VII. Activity Assignments Statement of Purpose paper (25 points) – : See Appendix A for complete description
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Fall 2011 3053 Syllabus - University of Arkansas, College...

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