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University of Arkansas, College of Education and Health Professions Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation I. Program Affiliation: Kinesiology Course Number and Title: KINS/BIOL 3353 - Mechanics of Human Movement Catalog Description: An introduction to basic analysis of motor skills Prerequisite: BIOL 2413 - Anatomy Professor: Dr. Inza L. Fort Office: HPER 308-M Phone: 575-2910 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday: 9:30 – 11:00 Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30 – 9:30 Other times as needed by appointment These are official office hours, but my door is open to you. I enjoy teaching and talking with you and will be glad to set up an appointment with you at other times if “normal” office hours don’t fit. E-mail: [email protected] II. Relationship to Knowledge Base: BASIC This Basic Level Course is primarily related to the Scholar-Practitioner model as a substantive studies course. The kinesiology student should demonstrate knowledge about human movement from the anatomical and biomechanical perspective so that they can analyze movement and motor skills. III. Goals This course is designed to provide basic information on the roles of skeletal muscle as it relates to movement, considering force arms and force vectors. IV. Competencies: Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to 1. Define and explain basic terminology as it applies to the musculoskeletal system 2. Name and define planes of the body and axes of motion by fundamental movements in each plane 3. Describe the function and purpose of the skeletal system 4. Classify joints according to structure and explain the relationship between a joint’s structure and its capacity for movement 5. Describe the structure and function of muscles with regard to contraction 6. Identify the relationship between muscle fiber arrangement and its function 7. Define roles that muscles play 8. Identify the movements possible in the various joints of the body and muscle which cause those movements 9. Analyze human movements with regards to muscles, vectors, and forces 10. Apply Newton’s Laws to motion KINS 3353/ILF/575-2910/Fall 2011/page 1
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11. Solve problems involving levers and mechanical advantage
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Syllabus - University of Arkansas, College of Education and...

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