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PHED 3001 - Teaching Practicum General Guidelines and Expectations Student Expectations 1. Check in at the office, introduce yourself to school officials, and follow all school rules/procedures. 2. Maintain a professional appearance at all times. No ball hats, ragged shirts, baggy pants, etc. 3. Be punctual. If you are scheduled to start at 9:00, be at the classroom before 9:00, not in the parking lot at 9:00. Tardiness will not be tolerated. 4. Contact the mentor teacher and university supervisor in the case of an absence. Find out from the mentor teacher how they would like for you to contact them [e.g. email, call the office]. If you know of an absence in advance, you may email Dr. Kern [[email protected]]. If you find out the day of the absence, you must call Dr. Kern at 263-0010. Failure to follow this policy will drastically reduce your grade. Repeat offenders will not earn a passing grade. Missed days must be made up. In order to earn credit for this class, you must complete 30 hours. 5. Inform your mentor teacher/Dr. Kern of any problems or concerns with your assignment.
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