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Badminton drills - 4 corner hits(put students in a square...

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BADMINTON DRILLS Wrist work Hear swish Hit to self (especially backhand - lead with elbow) Hit balloons Hit to self relay (hit bird while walking; rest is just like a relay) Hit underhand straight up to self, then backhand straight up, etc Serve Hit to target on wall (target should be low-about waist level- if student is close to wall, about 10 feet) Hit to hoops – both long and short serves Hit over barriers (another player, high net-like a volleyball net) Overhead shots (stress turning sideways and getting racket back behind head) Pretend to throw ball and release high (no racket) Then put racket in hand and go through same motion Suspend bird from basketball net; stand under basket and swing using correct form (teaches them to reach) or just hit bottom of net whole standing under it Shuttle drill (hit to other line and go to end of either your line or opposite line)
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Unformatted text preview: 4 corner hits (put students in a square formation and have them hit in a pattern of across or catty-corner Forehand backhand drives (used primarily in doubles) Hit to partner; keep bird at shoulder level; hit HARD; bend elbow, use wrist Net play Hairpin shots back and forth to partner - keep as close to net as possible Block drill (Hit right at students at net and have them intercept (block) bird) Modified Games King of the hill (singles or doubles, best with singles) One side of net is king side. Play one other person,; whoever wins point goes to king side. New player rotates in as opponent Play for a certain time; then everyone moves sideways one net Use cones for boundaries. Use spots for center and serving lines...
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