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Unformatted text preview: CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM PHYSICAL ACTIVITY/SKILL DEV. All sports, rec games, fitness, etc Beginning, intermediate, advanced Shorter units for MS, longer for HS CHOICE, especially HS CHOICE, CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM OUTDOOR EDUCATION Requires some equipment Biking, backpacking, orienteering,, hiking, etc. skills Safety Safety Environmental ethics Environmental Leadership Outdoor living skills CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM ADVENTURE EDUCATION PHILOSOPHICAL CONCEPTS: Challenge Cooperation Risk Trust Problem solving CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM SPORT EDUCATION Seasons, not units Class forms teams Formal competitions Duty teams (scorekeepers, refs, timers) Records, culminating event Longer units - 9 weeks Longer CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM TEACHING GAMES FOR UNDERSTANDING (TACTICAL GAMES APPROACH) Cognitive understanding Classroom presentations Focuses on strategies, history, rules Lessons are based on tactical sequences Lessons (e.g., defending space, attacking as a team, restarting play) restarting CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM TEACHING GAMES FOR UNDERSTANDING Similarity between activities are taught Games are grouped: Invasion games: basketball, soccer, Invasion fb fb Net games: badminton, tennis, vb Striking/fielding games: baseball, Striking/fielding sb, sb, Target games: golf, bowling Target CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM FITNESS EDUCATION All types of activities can be taught but they All emphasize the fitness component emphasize EX: during basketball unit, heart rate is EX: taken and recorded taken Fitness testing Fitness CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM PERSONAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Focus is on social development Lessons that integrate personal and social Lessons discussions Group meetings Group Reflection time (journals, discussion, talking Reflection bench, behavioral contracts, reinforcement) CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM PERSONAL AND SOCIAL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY RESPONSIBILITY Levels: irresponsibility self-control involvement self-responsibility caring going beyond (leadership, teaching) CURRICULUM MODELS CURRICULUM CULTURAL STUDIES Personal Dimension: role of family, friends Personal community in enhancing or inhibiting level of physical activity participation activity Focus on school and local sport Focus on physical activity & sport in the wider society “Sociological Perspective” ...
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