frisbeegames - Throwing Race 12 players (6 teams of 2);6...

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Throwing Race 12 players (6 teams of 2);6 discs;4 cones Beginners Split up into pairs. Each pair is competing against the other pairs of players. Stand 10 metres apart and all pairs commence throwing at the same time. The aim is to complete (ie. catch) as many passes as possible in pairs. If the disc has to be retrieved, then the receiver must return to their original position before the return throw. Score 1 point for a completed backhand pass, 2 points for a forehand, the first pair to reach 20 wins. Alternatively, give the pairs a limited time (like 2 minutes) to maximize their points. Variations: For more advanced players, try these variations: Increase the distance apart Award 3 points for a hammer The receiver may not move their feet to catch the disc Captain Disc 6 players; 1 disc; 3 cones Beginners Line up in groups of six, have a disc placed 5 metres in front of the line, with the players facing it. The players need to be well-spaced, at least arms length apart. On "go!" the leftmost player runs out and picks up the disc. They pass it to the first (rightmost) player, who passes it back. Then to the second player and so forth until the end of the line is reached. When the last player catches the disc, they run out the front to become the captain and the previous captain runs to the right- hand end of the line to become the first receiver. If a player has to retrieve a disc, they must return to their place before throwing the return pass. Continue until the original captain runs out the front again and the whole team sits down to finish. Variations: Make all throws forehand. Disc Golf 2 players; 1 disc Beginners Canadian Pairs 3 pairs in each group Disc golf is played just like ball & stick golf, except the targets or "holes" can be whatever is available. Each shot must be taken from behind where the disc comes to rest, and the object is to minimize the number of shots to hit the target. An innovative aspect of disc golf is to include mandatories, such as requiring the disc to go around a tree before hitting the hole. If a tree is the hole, it is usual to make the target the trunk below the first branch, so that branches and leaves do not count. Form into pairs, taking alternate shots. After each hole have someone new choose what the next hole will be. Encourage imaginative holes, eg "through the fork in the tree and hit the rubbish bin," but keep it simple. Bottle Guts 12 players; 6 discs; 12 cones Beginners
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Bottle Guts involves two teams of six facing each other in a line, with each player having a cone in front of them (the bottle). Give each team three discs. The object is to knock over the opposition's bottles. Players must throw from behind their bottle, and may only throw when their bottle is upright. Each player starts with three lives. Each time a player's bottle is knocked over, they lose a
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frisbeegames - Throwing Race 12 players (6 teams of 2);6...

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