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Full Swing Motion / Posture Elephant Trunk Swing Drill or Pendulum Swing Group Management and Safety G All students can practice at once. A Students take semicircle formation with shoulders facing out. Equipment E None Instructions to Class I Your arms and shoulders should be free of tension as you take your posture. Y The arms swing freely from the shoulders, not by the shoulders. T Your arms should move from the shoulder joint in a manner similar to the way that you move your lower arm from the elbow joint without moving your upper arm. m Stand erect. S Let your arms relax. L Swing your arms back and forth as if you were marching. S Note how your shoulders are not moving forward at the same time as your arms. N This is how your arms swing from your shoulders. T Not let's try moving your shoulders forward at the same time as your arms. N Take your posture and practice feeling your arms move from your shoulders. T As your arms begin to swing past your legs, allow your body to respond to the swinging motion. s Allow your body to turn around an imaginary center point. A Feel your weight shift to the rear side by turning your target heel to raise slightly off the ground. t Feel your weight shift back to the target side by returning your target heel to the ground and turning your rear knee into your target knee. g Create a lot of motion. Partners P Work with a partner observing your swing, partner should give feedback. W What is your partner doing right? W What needs improvement? Success Goal S 10 perfect swings To Reduce Difficulty T Have students practice half-swings with arms parallel to the ground during back swing and forward swing. To Increase Difficulty T Practice with eyes closed.
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Feet Together Drill Keeping your  feet together  practice hitting  balls with the  ball teed up.  Your feet  should be  touching or  within 2 or 3  inches of each  other. Swing slowly at first.  Concentrate on  making solid contact  with the ball. Always  think tempo and  rhythm. Once you can  hit consistently good  shots, work on hitting  the ball off the grass. You may be surprised  how far you can hit the  ball with your feet  together as you groove  your swing. This drill  helps you in many ways.  It's a good drill to do  every practice session  as a warm-up. Purpose P To promote good balance and rhythm.  This is one of the most popular  practice drills, because it is an easy drill to do and yet it does so  much for you. Use it as a warm-up or to stay loose on the course  during those long waits on the tee. d To improve timing, reduce swaying, and promote good swing  mechanics.  This drill encourages you to swing within your  capabilities. It reduces swaying because of the narrow balance point.  If you sway or swing too hard you will almost fall over. To provide a quick check of good swing mechanics.
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golf - Full Swing Motion / Posture Elephant Trunk Swing...

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