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Things You’ll Need: • 2 Horseshoe Stakes • 4 Horseshoes • Scoreboards Step 1 2 Divide players into two even teams, and give each team two horseshoes. Step 2 3 Flip a coin to decide which team will pitch first. Step 3 4 Have the first player from the first team pitch both horseshoes (one at a time) from anywhere behind the foul line. Step 4 5 Let the first player from the opposing team do the same, pitching toward the same stake. Step 5 6 Award 1 point for a shoe within 6 inches of the stake, or for a shoe touching the stake(often called a "leaner"); a shoe encircling the stake (a "ringer") earns 3 points. Often, amateurs choose to award 2 points for
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Unformatted text preview: leaners. Step 6 7 Let the next two players (one from each team) pitch the shoes from the opposite side of the court back toward your side. Add their points to the first scores. Step 7 8 Alternate pitching from one end of the court to the other until all players have pitched. This constitutes an "inning." Step 8 9 Play until one team has at least 40 points at the end of an inning (for a point-limit game) or until 40 shoes have been pitched (for a shoe-limit game, in which the team with the highest score wins). Step 9 10 Play extra innings in the event of a tie....
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