Omnikingames - Games OMNIKIN GAMES These games are designed...

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Games - OMNIKIN GAMES These games are designed for one or more omnikin balls, which range in size from 24 to 72 inches. The official size is 48 inches. Many of these games are cooperative, however; they can be made more competitive with some adjustments. Ordering information can be found at 1 Roller Ball Tag: 2 people are designated “IT”, and they must work together to roll the ball and tag another pair who are holding hands. Players must roll the ball, it can’t be thrown or pushed, and partners must stay together. “IT”s do not have to hold hands while rolling the ball. If tagged, that pair now becomes “IT” 2 Temple of Doom: This game is based on the boulder that chases Indiana Jones. Make 2 large circles, one inside the other, and circles face each other. One person volunteers to be Indiana Jones, and he/she is inside the track with the ball. The object of the game is for the group to roll the ball (which must stay on the floor) and tag Indiana. If successful, choose another volunteer. Another option is to reverse the goal – Indiana must chase and catch the ball. 3 Popcorn: Form a seated circle with class, feet into circle, leaning on hands. Class must keep omnikin ball aloft as long as possible, keeping it within the circle. You can count consecutive contacts, and try to beat that record. If the ball
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is kicked out, the teacher (or designated student) simply throws it back in. This game works well with several omnikin balls, but one will work too! If the skill level is not high, allow the ball to touch the floor, yet class must still work cooperatively to keep the ball within the circle. 4 The Train Have the class lying on floor, shoulder to shoulder (on back), forming a railroad track. Two volunteers (one on each side of the tracks) roll the ball along the bodies. The object of the game is to continually have a “train track” (students) available for the “train” (ball). In order for this to happen, students must get up and go to end of line as
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Omnikingames - Games OMNIKIN GAMES These games are designed...

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