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pickleball drills - PICKLEBALL 2. Lesson #1: a. Stretching...

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PICKLEBALL 2. Lesson #1: a. Stretching and warm-ups b. Equipment c. The Court d. The Game -- Demonstrate a game (for Beginners) e. Rules – Hand out one page summary sheet; do not discuss in depth f. The Grip g. Ball Control and Drills: i. Individual bounce ball in air and off ground ii. Partners then hit ball across from net at non-volley zone, both bounce and in air 3. Lesson #2: Volley a. Ready position – at net i. Knees bent ii. On balls of feet iii. Paddle up and ready iv. Demo how the backhand grip at the net can cover 80% of all shots hit to student v. Stress clearing the table and pop the volley back, not winding up or hitting down on top of the ball vi. Target is down the middle b. Volley drills: i. Instructor on one side on net, with one student on other side ii. Hit 10 volleys to student’s forehand iii. Hit 10 volleys to student’s backhand iv. Hit 10 volleys alternating to student’s backhand/forehand v. Next student vi. When individual instruction is done, then have four students, two on each side hit volleys, first with one ball, and then as they make progress, then introduce two balls, one for each pair of students across the net vii. If more than 4 students, have 4 students play volley game , where they exit if ball hits into net or out-of-bounds, to be rotated in by one of the other students, etc. 2
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4. Lesson #3: Dink a. Ready position (same as Volley) b. Demo the dink and stress a firm wrist and a lifting action over the net, like an elevator going up/down c. Stress patience to keep dink going; unless it is too high then it can be smashed d. Drill #1: Have students line-up opposite each other across the net, that can safely fit on the court; each partner pair is given a ball; see how many consecutive times ball can be dinked, with a goal of 30 times e. Drill #2: Have two students on each side with one ball dink diagonally/crosscourt; then introduce a second ball to have both going at once f. Drill #3: Dink game, similar to volley game, but 4 students must hit ball on bounce; if ball hits net and doesn’t go over, or hit a volley or out-of-bounds shot, then next student rotates in 5. Lesson #4: Serve and Scoring a. Scoring only occurs when serving; otherwise it is side out b. Serve position and rules
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pickleball drills - PICKLEBALL 2. Lesson #1: a. Stretching...

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