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PICKLEBALL Carry: Hitting the ball in such a way that it does not bounce away from the paddle but tends to be carried along on the face of the paddle during its forward motion. Cross-court: The court diagonally opposite your court. Dead Ball: A dead ball is declared after a fault. See fault. Dink Shot: A soft shot that is intended to arc over the net and land within the non-volley zone. Double Bounce: A ball that bounces more than once, on one side, before it is returned Double-Hit : One side hitting the ball twice before it is returned over net. Double hits may occur by one player or could involve both players on a team. Drop Shot: A groundstroke shot that falls short of the opponent's position. Drop Shot Volley: A volley shot that is designed to “kill” the speed of the ball, and return it short, near the net, to an opponent positioned at or near the baseline. This shot is especially effective when initiated close to the non-volley line. Fault: A fault is any action that stops play or a rules violation. Groundstroke: Hitting the ball after one bounce. Half Volley: A groundstroke shot where paddle contacts ball immediately after it bounces from the court and before the ball rises to its potential height. Hinder: Any element or occurrence that can affect play. For example, a stray ball that enters the court or people disrupting play by walking across the court. Lob: A shot that returns the ball as high and deep as possible, forcing the opposing side back to the baseline. Non-Volley Zone: The section of court, adjacent to the net in which you cannot volley the ball. It includes all the lines comprising the zone. One Hand Out : A term used to describe the condition when a serving team loses the first of its two allocated serves. Overhead Slam/Smash: A hard overhand shot usually resulting from an opponent’s lob, or high return, or a high bounce. Passing Shot : A volley or groundstroke shot that is aimed at a distance from the player that is designed to prevent return of the ball, i.e., line drive close to sideline. Rally : Continuous play that occurs after the serve and before a fault. Replays: Any rallies which are replayed for any reason without the awarding of a point or a side out Side Out: Declared after one side loses its service and other side is awarded service. Technical Foul: The referee is empowered to add one point to a player's score or a team's score when in the referee's judgment; the opponent is being overly and deliberately abusive. Volley: Hitting the ball in the air, during a rally, before the ball has a chance to bounce onto the court. Some Common Rules Serving Rules: Ø The serve must be made with an underhand stroke so that contact with the ball is made at or below waist level. Ø The server must keep at least one foot behind the baseline during serve. The server
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pickleballrules - PICKLEBALL Some Common Terms Definitions...

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