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PraxisIIIevals - (safe phys& psych DOMAIN C Teaching for...

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Observer _________________ Date_____________________ Unit _______________________ DOMAIN B Creating an Environment for Student Learning Teacher___________________ Creating a climate that promotes fairness: (fairness) Establishing and maintaining rapport with students: (first names, politeness, relates to students) Communicating challenging learning expectations to each student: (encouraging, motivating) Establishing and maintaining consistent standards of classroom behavior: (consistent, respectful) Making the physical environment as safe and conducive to learning as possible:
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Unformatted text preview: (safe: phys & psych) DOMAIN C Teaching for Student Learning Making learning goals and instructional procedures clear to students: (goals & procedures) Making content comprehensible to students: (relevancy, cues, are students getting it?) Encouraging students to extend their thinking: (Questioning) Monitoring students’ understanding of content through a variety of means, providing feedback to students to assist learning, and adjusting learning activities as the situation demands: (feedback, adjust) Using instructional time effectively: (time, pace)...
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