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Syll - Measurment F '10(1)

Syll - Measurment F '10(1) - UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS COLLEGE...

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UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SCIENCE, KINESIOLOGY, RECREATION, AND DANCE I. Program Affiliation: Kinesiology Course Number and Title: PHED 3702 Measurement in Physical Education Catalog Description: Measurement and assessment of physical education objectives Prerequisite: PHED 2003, PHED 2013, PHED 2023, All 2 hr. teaching classes; at least Junior standing Co-requisite: PHED 3074 Professor: Cathy D. Lirgg, Ph.D II. Office Hours: 2-3:30 T&TH (308N) 2:30-3:30 W 9-11 F and by appointment III . Goals The goal of this class is to provide students with a variety of assessment techniques to measure motor and cognitive physical education objectives. Also covered will be simple descriptive statistics and test measurement issues. IV . Competencies Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to 1. Identify several methods of assessment in physical education classes 2. Recognize strengths and weaknesses of written tests. 3. Construct an appropriate written test for a junior high sport unit. 4. Identify several measurement properties of a group of scores on a normal scale. 5. Describe a personal philosophy of assessment in physical education 6. Display an understanding of basic measurement techniques and simple descriptive statistics. 7. Appropriately choose and administer a psychomotor skills test 8. Develop rubrics for lesson and unit evaluation V . Evaluation Pts. A. Measurement Test (2) @100 (@50 each) B. Lesson Assessments 10 [email protected] x 4 40 C. Construction of a cognitive test (1) 50 D. Philosophy of Grading Paper 25
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E. Excel Project 30 ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE HANDED IN ON TIME TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT. GRADES WILL BE LOWERED FOR LATE ASSIGNMENTS. VI. Grading Scale 90% - 100% A 80% - 89 % B 70% - 79% C 60% - 69% D VII. Academic Honesty The application of the University of Arkansas Academic Honesty Policy, as stated in the Student Handbook , will be fully adhered to in this course. Grades and degrees earned by dishonest means devalue those earned by all students; therefore, it is important that students are aware of the University of Arkansas Academic Honesty Policy. Academic dishonesty involves acts which may subvert or compromise the integrity of the educational process. ANYONE FOUND COPYING ANY MATERIAL WILL RECEIVE ZERO POINTS FOR THAT ASSIGNMENT. This includes relative word-for-word from other sources (like the internet), or similar work turned from someone who has taken this class or similar classes previously (and believe me, I remember things well!!). In other words: DO YOUR OWN WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Syll - Measurment F '10(1) - UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS COLLEGE...

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