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Testissues3 - TESTING ISSUES TESTING CHAPTER 4 Validity...

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Unformatted text preview: TESTING ISSUES TESTING CHAPTER 4 Validity Validity DOES THE TEST MEASURE WHAT YOU WANT DOES IT TO MEASURE? IT Does the test LOOK LIKE it is measuring what Does you want it to measure?? you Does the test cover the objectives that you Does taught?? taught?? Can the test adequately predict who will be best Can at the skill in the future?? at RELIABILI RELIABILI TY Concerned with the CONSISTENCY of the test: If you gave the test again soon (without any If further instruction or practice), would the results be mostly the same??? be If another person administered the test, would If results be mostly the same?? results Do the last people to test score similarly to the Do first people that took the test (all things being equal)?? equal)?? OBJECTIVIT OBJECTIVIT Y Deals with eliminating BIAS •Pick tests with a low degree of subjectivity •Use a criterion measure (ex:rubric or pt scale) •Train testers to be consistent Train •As the tester, do not influence testee •Use calibrated instruments. TESTING CONCERNS TESTING RELEVANCE Objectives should be based on Objectives standards Assessments should be linked to objectives objectives EDUCATIONAL VALUE Most testing should be formative, not Most summative summative TESTING CONCERNS, cont. cont. ECONOMY Financial resources; cost of test & training TIME No more than 10% of total instructional No time time ENJOYMENT Decrease student anxiety; Comfort, privacy, challenging TESTING CONCERNS, cont. cont. DISCRIMINATION Test should discriminate between poor and Test good performers; performers; Zero scores or perfect scores should be Zero avoided avoided INDEPENDENCE Measure different things GENDER-APPROPRIATENESS Strength and speed tests -- age-related TESTING CONCERNS, cont. cont. RELIANCE ON ANOTHER’S PERFORMANCE Ex: catching a thrown ball SAFETY Stretching time Recovery time Screening & medical clearance (ex: mile Screening run) run) Clutter-free, safe environment TESTING CONCERNS, con’t CONCERNS, TESTING LARGE GROUPS Mass tests Partner system Keep everyone occupied PLANNING TEST ADMINSTRATION ADMINSTRATION EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES TESTING AREA KNOWLEDGE OF THE TEST TRAINING TESTERS PRACTICING TEST STANDARDIZED STANDARDIZED INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS WARM-UP ...
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